Before You Call

Before you call, please consider the following. We have a list of questions that we will ask to ensure we provide you with the right windshield for your vehicle.

Please know the make, model and year of your car. If you can provide the VIN Number that is ideal. The VIN will appear on your vehicle registration.

windshield shade band

Does your vehicle have a shaded band across the top of the windshield?

This is a darker tint that is usually 4 to 6 inches in deep.
windshield with third visor

Does your windshield have a third visor?

This is a dot pattern between your two sun visors and around your rear-view mirror.
highway driving clean windshield

Does your vehicle have an electrochromic mirror?

This is a feature that will automatically dim your mirror to reduce glare while driving at night. If your vehicle has it, you’ll see a power supply to the mirror. It will have an eye-type window in the mirror housing that will sense light.
heated windshield wipers

Does your vehicle have a heated wiper park area?

It is a feature on some windshields. It will have what looks like a grid of 3 to 4 lines in the glass to warm the area where the wiper blades rest.
windshield rain sensor

Does your vehicle have a rain sensor?

There is a small window located near the rear-view mirror. It can be viewed from the outside looking in. There is usually a plastic housing covering the sensor on the inside of the vehicle. Found around the neck of the rear-view mirror itself.
lane departure sensor windshield

Does your vehicle have lane departure?

There should be a small window, usually triangular in shape, that you can see from the outside of the vehicle. It is located close to where your rear-view mirror. You can see a small camera-type lens through the glass.